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We're all about empowering people leaders to level up the employee experience and achieve outstanding results. Together, we'll develop people management skills, tackle people problems, and be focused on goal momentum
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  • Coaching for new managers
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Is your company facing challenges like underperforming employees, low engagement, or lack of effective people management skills?  Are you dealing with the negative impact of high turnover or tricky employee termination issues? If yes, Mint Manager can help.

At Mint Manager, we specialize in HR and People Management development. Our mission is to empower and coach your managers, transforming them into highly effective leaders who inspire and engage their teams for high-performance.

We can guide you on the path to create a thriving work environment, where both your employees and your business can flourish.

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Save time, increase confidence & accelerate leadership success with
mint manager as your
hr & development partners



People management and HR responsibilities span wide, they touch everything from;

The creation of the people plan, recruitment, onboarding, policies, procedures, employee handbook, employment law compliance, performance management, conflict management, team-building, competency framework, goal setting, company values, benchmarked pay, succession planning, promotion, career development, coaching, metrics analysis, engagement, employee voice, employee relations change to exiting and more.....

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"Laura has added so much value to our business. She has helped us set up systems to monitor our staff engagement, helped us identify gaps in our skill sets and then helped recruit new staff to the business and train existing team members. I would highly recommend her to any business that is trying to get the best from their people!.

Dr Thomas Clark, Director, Green Flare Ltd

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