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Mint HR Consultants team up with employers to merge the business objectives into a sound people strategy and talent operations.



Whether you require ongoing assistance without the commitment of a full-time employee or extra support during busy times, Mint Manager HR packages have got you covered. Our flexible solutions offer the expertise you need to minimise compliance risks and supercharge your performance with tried-and-true HR intervention strategies. Get ready to take your business to the next level with Mint Manager.

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Score the perks of an experienced HR professional without breaking the bank on in-house hires. Rest easy, knowing that a skilled, qualified professional will be taking care of your HR solutions to keep your team happy, your company compliant, and your business shining bright.


HR covers the full employee lifecycle: Recruitment, onboarding, performance management, engagement, development, reward and recognition, resolving issues and change, exiting and offboarding plus more... ​

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Manager toolkit

​Get instant access to a manager toolkit anytime and anywhere for quick answers when you need them.

  • Self-serve access to key management topics across the employee lifecycle

  • Access to: templates,  policies, guides, video resources...

  • Join the Teams chat 

  • Free set up call  

  • Up to 1 hour of HR Advise / Coaching

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Retained HR support

Have a HR Director to hand without the expense of a hefty full time salary.

  • Hands on regular HR support

  • Access to the digital manager toolkit 24/7

  • Initial HR assessment

  • Policies, handbook, templates 

  • Evolve the performance management process

  • Mthly HR health check-in 

  • 4 hours per month 

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Bespoke HR projects 

We quote for projects of all sizes, from small tweaks to complex transformations.

  • People and culture plan, including key employee lifecycle priorities, values & communications plan

  • Redundancy project planning, consultation, communication  and execution

  • Engagement survey, results analysis, action planning

  • 7 hours a day

Monthly fee


Starts from;


Day rate


How our Pricing Works

  1. Give us a call to explain what you need

  2. We'll give you an estimate of how many hours it'll take

  3. Pay for the appropriate number of hours

  4. We do the hard stuff, and deliver exactly what you need

  5. We all enjoy the warm glow of success

If it takes longer than we thought, we'll give you a heads up and you can buy some more hours. If it takes less time than we thought, you can keep the hours for future support.

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