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Management training 

Upskill your Managers with Mint's high-quality, fun and interactive new manager workshops.

Communication | Feedback | Employee Engagement | Performance Management  | Delegation | Conflict Management | Overcoming Challenges | Employment Law...

Offering new managers ​2-Hour Group Workshop​s in key areas proven to positively impact employee motivation, retention and performance!


There are 8 modules of new people management skills development areas.  The workshops are 2 hours in length.  All 8 modules can be delivered over two days or evenly spread across a number of weeks.  The modules can be delivered in Person or Online. The most impactful way is to deliver one workshop every two weeks alongside group coaching. The theory taught, put into practice and reflected upon in each coaching session.  This helps solidify learning, retention and a positive change in behaviour.  



  • Managers become more confident and effective in their roles.  

  • Develop strong leadership skills to motivate teams, drive results, and foster a positive work environment.

  • Create a culture where employees feel valued, engaged and invested in the company's success.

  • Happy employees are productive employees. Our programs help you build a loyal workforce that thrives.


  • Highly qualified; up to Level 7 in Executive Coaching, Chartered CIPD Member, BA Hons HR Management 

  • 16+ years as a Strategic HR Business Partner in Big Tech corporations coaching managers and delivering training

  • Expert in nurturing People Management skills, I have experienced understand first hand what good and bad managers look like and the positive and negative impact on team members

  • Empathetic, supportive whilst holding new managers to account

  • Passionate about developing people management skills to improve working life's and productivity 

Introduction to People Management

​2-Hour Group Workshop​

  • Welcome and Icebreaker  

  • Overview of the workshop  

  • Understanding leadership styles  

  • Key responsibilities 

  • Watch outs - top mistakes 

Building a positive work environment

2-Hour Group Workshop​

  • Importance of a positive workplace  

  • Team building strategies  

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Employee voice  

  • Roleplay: Team building exercise  


​2-Hour Group Workshop​

  • Prioritising tasks and time  

  • Delegating effectively  

  • Balancing leadership and micromanagement  

  • Roleplay: Delegating Tasks 

Handling employee challenges

​2-Hour Group Workshop​

  • Addressing performance issues  

  • Recognizing and addressing burnout  

  • Managing workplace conflicts  

  • Roleplay: Employee challenge scenarios  

Communication skills

​2-Hour Group Workshop​

  • Communication techniques 

  • Inspiring communication 

  • Effective meetings  

  • Roleplay: Delivering inspiring communication  

Performance Management

​2-Hour Group Workshop​

  • Setting expectations and goals  

  • Providing constructive performance feedback  

  • Recognising and rewarding performance  

  • Roleplay: Performance feedback  

Employee Development 

​2-Hour Group Workshop​

  • Identifying development Needs  

  • Creating development plans  

  • Coaching and mentoring  

  • Roleplay: Coaching and Feedback   

Legal / Ethical considerations

​2-Hour Group Workshop​

  • Understanding employment law  

  • Ethical decision-making  

  • Roleplay: Ethical dilemmas  

for greater personal, team and business rewards

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