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Executive Coaching Consultant London, HR Consultancy London


A study by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) has found that coaching has proven success with improving individuals confidence, relationships, communication, performance and work-life balance. Top performers, athletes, politicians and entrepreneurs all have coaches to enhance their performance, clarify their strategy and to get next level results. 


Coaching works!  It's a deep dive process, where I hold the space for you to discover your solutions, ideas and new ways of working.  The process empowers you to progress forward with a stronger sense of confidence and belief so that you can evoke maximum results for your career, performance and inner wellbeing. I partner with you through a series of proven steps and strategies to help you move from stuck to successful.  You will gain clarity of an effective action plan for mobilization towards that envisioned ideal - Aka - “The happier, higher-performing version of you”.  

Clients describe my style as uplifting, energetic, challenging and straight talking at times.  I focus on empowering you to find the solutions through asking thought provoking questions, whilst on occasion, I may ask if I can offer some advise.  ​

I offer both bespoke executive high-performance coaching programs suited to the needs of the individual and the business and a career clarity modular program.


Further details of the service options are found in the navigation bar or below.


  • Leadership success

  • Clarity and career path strategy

  • A promotion

  • Work joy and fulfilment

  • A strong personal brand

  • Visibility and influence

  • High productivity

  • New role impact

  • Strong relationships

  • Recognition and reward

  • Work life balance

  • Control and confidence 

  • Combat overwhelm and stress

  • To feel excited and energised

Executive Coaching Consultant London, HR Consultancy London
Executive Coaching Consultant London, HR Consultancy London


I'm a level 7, ILM, diploma qualified Executive Coach, with over 100 hours of coaching experience, able to support you to level up your performance in a healthy way to excel as a leader. I'm assiduously committed to CPD and regularly have supervision with an accredited supervisor and mentor vetted by the ICF.


I have a commercial underpinning with over a decade of experience in prestigious London firms, including Amazon, Publicis and Time Out as their Strategic HR professional and People Developer.  In these roles I've coached and advised 100's of leaders with how to hire and develop the best to increase performance and business growth. This experience, my passion for coaching, plus an education in human resource management, executive coaching and human behaviour best positions me to support you.

  • Do the work to attain the results you are after

  • Commit to personal growth 

  • Amplify your beliefs, mindset, and habits 

  • Make changes to up level performance in a healthy way  

  • Expand and grow faster with a roadmap for success

  • Move from feeling overwhelmed to excited and fulfilled

  • Release blocks and limiting beliefs that have held you back

  • Gain clarity, get creative and start taking action 

  • Be bolder, ask for the salary or the role, that you desire 

  • Dream big and achieve exponential results

  • Unlock more potential to become the best you.

Executive Coaching Consultant London, HR Consultancy London
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